• Hajimu SATOCEOPartner

    Leads the M&A Advisory in Guardian.With experience in M&A Advisory since 1999, delivering service mainly to Japanese corporations and investors with a diverse array of advisory firms; both Japanese/US investment banks and boutiques.

    Firm understanding of a range of cultures and best practices. Deal experience is also diverse from as small as $10million private transactions to as big as public mergers between financial conglomerates; one of the largest Japanese transactions.

    1999- Nikko Securities (M&A team) | 2004- Lazard | 2007- Lehman Brothers, Investment banking devision | 2008- GCA | 2011- Lincoln International2015- Guardian Advisors Inc.

    BA in Law, Keio University | St. Paul’s Middle/High School

  • Yuya HIRASHIMAPartnerBoard member

    Leads Guardian’s M&A advisory business. Based in Singapore, Yuya covers deals in Japan, East Asia and Southeast Asia.

    Yuya started his career at Shinsei Bank’s Corporate Sales Department. From 2010 he then joined Barclays Securities followed by Lincoln International’s M&A Advisory department. In 2015, Yuya moved to KPMG Singapore’s Corporate Finance department engaging in M&A projects throughout Asia, realizing transactions in areas such as Singapore, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. Joined Guardian Advisors in 2020 as a director and partner.

    As an M&A advisor, Yuya has completed numerous small to medium-sized transactions across a wide range of countries, industries and sectors. Particularly he has led multiple buy and sell-side deals between Southeast Asia and Japan. Yuya has extensive knowledge of M&A in emerging markets from the standpoint of both buyers and sellers.


    Waseda University School of International Liberal Studies | International Christian University High School

  • Shuhei OGAWAPartnerBoard member

    After seven years of experience in M&A advisory, Shuhei started his own business in South East Asia in the Education and Human resources field while also helping a tech company at its growth phase in business development and operation optimization. Became a partner at Guardian Advisors in Jan 2017.

    As an M&A advisor, he started his career with Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Staley Securities, then joined Lincoln International, building a diverse range of experience in the field, in terms of size, industry and types of transactions. Has a strong advantage in cross-border deals, due to native fluency in both Japanese and English. He is insightful in advising from an operation point of view from his experience with startup companies.

    2008- Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities|2011- Lincoln International|2015- UNLOCK DESIGN |2016- LEMO

    2017- Guardian Advisors Inc. Partner

    B.A. in Economics and Political Science. Indiana University Bloomington|Seiko Gakuin Middle/High School

  • Hiroki TAKAYANAGIPartner

    Founder, President and C.E.O. of WEBIMPACT, INC., Info-Sociologist, IT Strategist, Lecturer at RIKKYO “St. Paul’s” University, Music Composer and Arranger, Blogger

    After receiving B.Phil. (1999) and M.Phil. (2001) from RIKKYO University in Tokyo, he then studied as a graduate student in the field of TCP/IP and its socio-economic impact on society.In 1999, at the age of 22, his growing interest in TCP/IP led him to found WEBHUT COMMUNICATIONS, INC., which later became WEB IMPACT, INC.

    WEBHUT initially started off as a web system integrator. One of the early clients include NTT East Company, which together developed a web-based bulletin board system, accessible from mobile phones (specifically on NTT DoCoMo’s iMode), called “Mobile V-Campus” for universities. WEBHUT played a crucial role in coding the core program as well as service development.While building up reputation as a quality web system integrator, WEBHUT progressed in making its own product, JobCommunicator®, SaaS which provides a JOB SCHEDULING solution for businesses.

    From the experience of being a student entrepreneur, he is also interested in collaborations between BUSINESS and ACADEMIA, and is actively involved in academic side as well. He has been a lecturer for the MBA program at RIKKYO University since 2002, a visiting researcher at the Creating Center of Business Creators in RIKKYO University and has been active researcher of the Institute of Media Communications at KEIO University while serving as one of the judges for the International Business Contests for Students OVAL at Tokyo and AI & BIGDATA HACKATHON at Kuala Lumpur. His subjects of study and lectures include “Start-Up Strategy”, “Media Technology”, “Information Industry” and “Business Presentation Skill” among other topics.

    His messages and opinions in the academic field are heard and covered in various media and policy makers. In Apr. 2002, he was invited to the committee for the House of Representatives as an entrepreneur in the 154th Diet with Mr. TASAKA, Hiroshi, president of SOPHIA BANK, and Prof. YONEKURA, Seiichiro of HITOTSUBASHI University. In 2007, he became part of the council for the Tokyo Metropolitan government about business development.

    Being active in a wide range of fields, he is part of various research and associations including; the investment committee of the Itao Research Institute, Ltd., the Japan representative of EDUCOLOGY Consulting, The Japan Academic Society of Information and Communication Research, Public Policy Studies Association, The Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs and Business Model Association, The Japan Academic Society of Mass-Communications.

  • Ken TSUSAKAAssociate

    M&A Advisory Group

    Joined Guardian Advisors in 2018 after a 1 year internship starting in 2017.

    Bilingual, born in New York and raised in New York/Tokyo/Montreal

    McGill University Faculty of Business Economics | The American School in Japan (ASIJ)

  • Masato HORIGUCHIAssociate

    IT Advisory and M&A Advisory Group

    Joined Guardian Advisors in 2019 after engaging in corporate sales and system development at MUFG Bank

    Kyoto University Faculty of Economics and Business | Osaka Seigakuin Junior and Senior High School

  • Minako TAKAMOTOAssistant

    Advisory support and business development

    Senshu University Faculty of Literature (English and American) | Graduated from Senshu University High School

  • Yukako NOGUCHIAssistant

    Business administration and business development

    Senshu University Faculty of Business Administration | Senshu University High School